About Us

Our mission is to assist every student with Autism to be equipped and able to achieve academic, social, and behavioral excellence in an environment centered on strong character values.

Autism Academy for Education and Development specializes in providing education to students with Autism, grades Kindergarten to 8th grade, by adapting the educational curriculum with teaching strategies that facilitate learning for the students in strategically designed classrooms. Low teacher/student ratios are maintained to maximize individual attention and to address each student’s needs. ABA therapy is provided in the classrooms as needed. Every Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is designed to address the student’s specific needs. All programming incorporates the development of communication, independent living, social skills, and academics to accelerate their learning potential. Teachers provide the students with an atmosphere of acceptance and motivation, as well as providing rewards for their individual accomplishments, no matter how big or small. We are a State of Arizona approved Private Day School and we are located in Gilbert, Arizona. Our Academy is unique because of our incredible facilities which include a sensory room that offers a variety of sensory components intended to address each student’s sensory needs.

The students will apply their independent living skills to additional vocational activities such as the International Café and Around the World Snack Shop.

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